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The Unaku brand is for middle and high class women who yearn for premium quality. These women are elegant, unique, energetic, casual, luxurious, confident and dependent in their style. They desire quality wears at affordable prices because they shop frequent. Unaku means, “I love you”.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become the first one stop online mall for fashionable women. To sell our products, we’ve chosen to go online.

You can sign up at; be a part of our mobile app launch next week and make sure you download the Unaku app. 


When ladies want to purchase clothing, we hope Unaku online mall would be the first on their minds. Shopping on Unaku will help them save time, avoid traffic jams and enable they enjoy the comfort of pay on delivery at their doorstep.

We have done a lot to make the brand concept clear: we know the challenges a working woman with children goes through during the week; surviving is not an easy. Busy ladies can still have a life while they are trying doing all they have to do to stay alive. We want to reshape their elegance, energize their spirits, beauty and uniqueness, as we take them on a casual luxury tour on our site. 


You may notice our clothing collection is filled with office wears and outdoor dresses; though simple but with delicate designs. We don’t want to make your shopping a mess but blessing. There is no quality issue, no horrible experience and no pressure to buy at high prices.

You can trust us

We did a market research, where we went round different markets in Nigeria to see what is obtainable. Our findings convinced us to bridge the gap. 


We discovered a lot of challenges with clothing in Africa, particularly in Nigeria. The clothes produced were not meeting the needs of the consumers and they had no good option. For instance, we realized that inferior fabrics were used, clothes that were a bit nice came in small sizes; most of which didn't have a household designer label, the colour combinations were not right and the clothes with household designers names were too expensive for them; so Unaku got into the market to satisfy the need of the middle and high class lady. So it is a must for Unaku to come.


We have recruited a team including Nigerian and Chinese personnel. We are based in Nigeria and China. 


To make Nigerians feel close our brand we have local designers as our consultant to judge quality, colours and designs. We also sell in wholesale to partner boutiques, so they can resell. 



Unaku Online Fashion Mall versus Other Platforms

There is a lot of deceit with other online shopping malls because they only create the platform for other business owners to leverage on. This is different with Unaku; we own the products and check the quality of the clothing that are displayed on our platform. You don't have to be scared of anything. We have a warehouse in Nigeria and make use of a local delivery company (GIG Logistics) to deliver. We run promotions: flash sale, give bonuses and daily discounts.


We are absolutely reliable; you don't have to wait too long after you order because we deliver quickly. You don't have to be afraid of being scammed because we own what we sell and you can get a refund if you don't like the item when you see it. We don't accommodate third party goods, to avoid issues with quality and you can pay on delivery. 


Every product on our platform goes through our quality checks because we can't afford to lose a customer over a quality inconsistency. We are known for our integrity and loyalty to customers. Sometimes, you may need to wait 1 - 2 weeks for products you ordered for abroad; so many bad things could happen before they arrive. We can’t do that to you. It means a lot to us to see our customers happy. So we sell our stock staff and we deliver to you, by 1-3 days, you will receive.

Why we chose Nigeria

We chose Nigeria because, by our own assessment, she has a lead position in Africa when it comes to designs, designers and following fashion trends. We also noticed that customer have a very strong aesthetic way of participating in the market. We feel so much passion here.


Unaku Nigerian History

In May, 2018, we (Unaku team) arrived Nigeria for the first time. Our team visited Festac Town, Balogun, Agege, Lekki, Lagos Island market, Kaduna and Abuja. Also included in our visits were colleges and universities. We didn't like most of the clothing we found in these places. We thought of acting fast and helping to boost the local shopping in terms of women fashion. We have started recruited a team including Chinese and Nigerian personnel. 


On the 30th of June, 2018 we hosted a fashion show at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. We got the media involved - the Nations, Vanguard, Punch; Radio France and Africa Independent Television (AIT). The other media teams did just fine, except for This Day newspaper; they were not professional. They took our money but didn’t deliver the report as agreed. They only made us feel cheated.


In 2019, we displayed our clothes on other fashion shows like Fashion Souk, Hon Trade Fair and Fashion Expression. 


We currently have a big warehouse in Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria where all stock shipped to Nigeria are stored.


We work with local brands by having their brands (designers and boutiques) online Unaku’s platform. Our focus is having quality clothing from local brands that meets our requirement,they do have same brand concept with us, display and sell their clothing on our platform.

We handle and create their blog post, marketing and delivery. We screen their products using our high quality standard, so you can be assured of your good quality. The only thing for them to do is trace their money after sales.  


We have a platform for marketers, fashion bloggers and online part time workers, which enable them to earn online.  


Unaku is created by the unity of the Chinese and Nigerian team dedication; investors, designers, boutiques, marketers, local colleagues and customers. It is a brand for all to connect with. China and Nigeria will combine each other’s advantage; the Chinese team has producing capacity, complete business system and investors; the Nigerian team has design talents and wonderful ideas about the indigenes.

The Unaku team will work relentlessly to serve the middle and high class ladies’ dressing and essential needs. Unkau’s online mall will save them time and make them enjoy their online shopping experiences. Together, we will make Unaku better each passing day. 


Lagos office


3rd avenue by 4th Avenue junction Festac

Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone No: +234(0)808 345 6810

                  +234(0)706 778 6808


Zhengzhou office


Floor 10, Xing Hua Building Block B, the second revenue,

The economy and technology zone, Zhengzhou, China.

Phone No: +86 15225145295


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