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UNAKU Merchant (Brand vendor/Tailor store) Contract


Party A: UNAKU Fashion Nigeria Limited                        

Party B: Brand Vendors/Tailor store.


1.All store owners who sell at UNAKU platform( and its app, and unaku’s social pages and offline channels) must comply with the relevant agreement. The application of the brand vendor will be regarded that the brand vendor agrees this contract. UNAKU reserves the right of final interpretation



2.UNAKU provides the online transaction services, in order to assist all store owners to boost the selling products online. Unaku will manage the brand vendor’s online store, handle the delivery to customers and provide portal for brand vendor to trace their incomes. The brand vendor sales commission can be withdrawn every 7-10 days after the goods received by the customer.

UNAKU offers various services: software and hardware support, marketing for vendors, the online store management, products selling web, online payment, delivery, order track, after-sales. The brand vendor shall provide nice pictures of products for Unaku to process its duty.


3.The authenticity of relevant materials provided to UNAKU by Brand vendor must be guaranteed, cannot exist any concealment and deception! Brand vendor must commit to sell the real and quality product in UNAKU and must take a picture of real stock to make sure the product quality before the delivery.( quality issue: the color, design model and materials of product are not consistent with the description and picture that You have been uploaded on the UNAKU. Or the customer receive a product flawed or with any quality defects.) If there is a customer wants to return a product from the brand vendor due to quality issues, the brand vendor will need to pay 2500Naira to cover the return delivery.


4. When there is an order, the brand vendor must provide true picture of the stock and deliver with 48 hours or the order will be canceled. Within the 48 hours, the delivery fee will be paid by unaku only when the delivery is done by GIG logistic company.  If the vendor still wants to deliver it after 48 hours, the vendor will bear 2000 Naira for each other delaying day.


5. Brand vendor can select their own logistics delivery mode after UNAKU has allowed that and the customer shall still pay unaku bank account but not the brand vendor’s. 

All brand vendors are not allowed to do any financial transactions with consumers without agreements with unaku. This is to ensure the customer’s shopping experience or  UNAKU is not responsible for relevant issues and with the relevant problems, the cooperation will be terminated.

The vendor will bear the cost if the product delivered is lost or the money is not paid by customer if it is pay on delivery when the brand vendor uses other logistic company that unaku doesn’t cooperate with. And unaku will not pay the deliver fee if the brand vendor uses her/his own logistics.


6. UNAKU promise customer have the right to return products purchased on  (the “Website”) within seven (7) days from the day you receive the products. The vendor must obey the 7 days product return policy for customer order form UNAKU online shopping mall.

The products to be returned will be handed over within 7 days of from the day that customer receive the products.All products are allowed return once with unaku bearing the delivery fee only when the quality is not the reason for the customer return. And delivery fee for goods exchange required by the customer is not UNAKU duty. 



7. If there is any quantity change of items that Brand vendors are selling in UNAKU, the relevant information must be communicated immediately with UNAKU. The problem of inconsistency about the inventory of the commodities sold in UNAKU mall is not allowed. If the relevant issue of inventory happens, UNAKU has the right to cancel the entry qualification of Brand vendor, and require compensate accordingly.