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Party A: UNAKU Fashion Nigeria Limited                       

Party B: Clothing Tailors applying to cooperate with UNAKU

Based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, the following terms have been reached through friendly negotiation between the Four parties

No.1 cooperation method 

Party B need to register on Party A's website or App (Nigeria Kenya to become a clothing designer at Party A’s UNAKU platform. Party B would be an UNAKU designer after the registration and Party B can upload his or her design work to Party A's designer website/App by creating his or her online store pages at UNAKU. After Party A receives the design manuscript from Party B, Party A will conduct a background review.


Remark: If Party B's design works are rejected then Party B can share the work with other third parties and UNAKU will still keep the work private property of Party B. If the works are approved by Party A, then Party B will follow the procedures suggested by UNAKU app to win the benefits.


No.2 Party B's method of design fee/ sales commission withdraw 

If Party B’s designs are selected by UNKAU to be produced in its China clothing factory after Party B proved its designs popular status by likes or purchases quantity at UNAKU system, then Party A will have all rights reserved of the designs from Party B. And Party B can earn from 5% to 12% sales commissions from the product sales at UNKAU system. The commission percentage is determined by the popular status on Unaku system and Party B can check from her or his dashboard.

It is absolutely free and easy to join our designer program.

After the completion of the factory production of Party B's design works, the clothes will be sold at Party A’s shopping web/app.

Party B will have a dashboard to check the uploaded works, status, design fee or sales commission and withdraw money to his or her bank account.


No.3 Rights and obligations of both parties

(1) Party B has the right to know about the production situation, sales situation and his or her specific incomes.

(2) If Party A has a demand, Party B shall provide more information and feedback about local clothing market during the period of Party A's completion of new product research and development.

(3) Party B must cooperate with Party A to market his or her designed clothes on major social media.

(4) All copyrights of Party B's selected design styles by Party A shall be all rights reserved by  Party A's UNAKU brand, and Party B shall not disclose the rights or use the designs to other third parties or face penalty or court duties.


No.4  Other agreements

(1) Both parties shall jointly keep this cooperation agreement and Part B’s passed designs confidential, and the losses caused by the leaks in any aspect shall be borne by the leaking party.

(2) Party A has the right to make price for this the clothing from Party B’s designs.

(3) This agreement is only applicable to UNAKU platform protocol illustrators.