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Earn commission as an UNAKU Affiliate

2020-07-15Click Volume: 1144


Share UNAKU fashion products to your followers. When they buy the products you recommend, you will earn commission from these deals. 

There are Two steps how to be an UNAKU  Affiliate找网红图压缩.jpg

Step 1: 

Click 'Sign up' button at to create your UNAKU account and click 'become an affiliate' button at your 'user canter'to apply. you can view the screeshots below.





Step 2: 

After UNAKU approves your apply, you will have your own UNBAKU store. You will search UNAKU products that you like, just add to your own store. You will advertise these items and get your income when customer purchase from your store link. 


There are two ways to access your affiliated UNAKU store. The first way is to access from your 'blogger affiliates' center and you will see your store link and the second way is to find you from the list of 'Shop with fashion bloogers' from our homepage.



We will handle the delivery and update your commission balance from the purchases. You can withdraw in every 7 days.


For the better income generation, we suggest you two tips: 

- Share UNAKU products you have added to your store with your store link on Your page frequently.


- Take a short video to advertise your products you have added to your store and Share with UNAKU in different social media platform. We can edit your video if you send to UNAKU.


Now sign up and get started! You can follow UNAKU at Instagram(unaku_fashion) and facebook(unaku africa fashion) and DM to join in by clicking here.

Here below is the how-to video.

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