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Share Your Favorite, Get It Free

2021-02-20Click Volume: 14

Grab a chance to get your favorite item for FREE!


Welcome to UNAKU Get It Free, your destination for getting freebies, wigs, clothing, necklaces, hats, bangle, and so more item AWAITS! UNAKU Get It Free is an activity that sending out excellent products to thanks the support of UNAKU customers.


There are Key points for you to know:


1. Products are totally Free in this activity


UNAKU is here to promise that, in this UNAKU Get it Free activity, no bill should be paid for any items. The only thing that you need to do is to follow the instruction of this activity and get your favorite one for free.

This activity has required the participation of friends and social media platforms. With more friends participating and joining, the easier you can get it free.



2. Sharing and engage with your friends


The key point for you to get the free product is to share your favorite product unique links in your activity user center to your friends and invite them to click and help for you. You will get this product until the price shown goes down to ZERO. Then UNAKU will check and approve your free order and do the delivery within 48 hours.


Note: UNAKU had the right to cancel your free order when an abnormal situation is found ( (including but not limited to malicious swiping of orders and get it through abnormal means).



3.The limitation of the products

The quantity of each kind of item is limited, based on the total number of products, individuals who finish this price off to zero from the top of this product list can get this product first. People who cannot get it will get UNAKU free points and have the opportunity to exchange other items for free also. 




There are the steps:

(1) Register or Sign in to your UNAKU account and click the “ Get it Free” button below the product that you are interested in.

(2) Choose the color or size of the product and fill in your delivery address.

(3) Get your special price off by yourself and share with your friends or different social media to accelerate the “ Get It Free” process.

(4) Check the activity progress until you receive the free product.



Earn points by answering questions

When should fill in the address information? (1points)
Before login
After choose color and size
Success get it free
Click the button above , Choose your option !

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